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My answers literally have nothing to do with the structure of the questions I asked my homies, so don't read it in that way lol. I just wanted this space to be more of an explanation for this whole project's process.

So I shot it in the beginning of February with Alex. I think that on and off I would do a little something in progress of the whole project, whether it was reaching out to creators for their response or selecting/ editing which photos I wanted represented, it was little by little. During this, now four month process, I did a little self-reflection of how it all took a toll on me. 

I don't think I've ever felt more unaccomplished with a project ever. Just the dragging on of time felt like I haven't even started at all. That feeling and observation clouded over many things. Just that blanket statement ignores the visual I put out, the 3-5 films I've written and some planned, the websites I've created and recreated for my sister's company, the future booklets I have drawn out in my diary, the poetry I've written: and this long thing isn't a " HA! Look what I can do!" list, It's more of an "Appreciate your works more" type of moment. I didn't even realize how much I was still creating until I wrote this. Creativity kind of makes you have tunnel vision at moments, to where you don't appreciate small feats/ creations. It’s always the huge projects and big matters that are needed to make you feel good again, but that's so untrue and misleading. 

Okay so anyways, I'm rambling, but this project means a lot to me & it doesn't even matter if only 1 person ever reads and dives in to everything within it, I'm just proud I got through it.

adios :)


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