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During my creativity block I basically was depressed I felt like there was no use in doing anything at all yes with film but anything in general. This block made me feel empty inside I couldn’t build on to what I had and quite honestly felt like I had nothing. It’s like going down a long road just to arrive to nothing. I felt like I didn’t come from the bottom; I was still there. Getting out of it I had to start from the beginning. I stopped trying to look outside the box and instead I brought myself back down looking at the little stuff people forgot to look at. I also had to find myself again because being so encased in your work you forget about yourself and become a little lost; so I found myself. How I found myself was honestly making a whole separate Instagram from the people I surround myself with so instead I can surround myself full of “me” I posted stuff I loved with hobbies things I found interest in. I separated those two different lives so I could always go back if need be. Who says I wouldn’t end up in that blockage again, but only a matter of time.


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