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ENC2135 Revision

Professor Robinson

by Britnee Blake

Project #2 (3rd draft)

Project #2 (Revised Version)

Course Reflection

    Through my semester in ENC2135 I was able to learn about the many different genres/ mediums of text. In addition, I learned where these text types were in everyday life. I used to never consider text messages, social media posts, etc. as examples, but now I understand there is a wide variety of genres and mediums.

   Adding on,  I learned that rhetorical strategies, such as appeals, work best for specific source types. For instance, if someone wanted to quote from a scientific journal, it was best to establish ethos for readers to know their author was credible and reputable. In contrast, sources such as magazine columns or testimonials would benefit from using pathos, or more emotional and personal sources/ text. Lastly, sources that would rely on facts and data would benefit from using the appeal logos.

   Moving on, I believe that the peer workshops were helpful throughout the course. This aspect allowed me to understand how my peers viewed my work and to know what I could improve upon. Adding on, it was nice to hear in depth from my group members their strategies for creating their three projects and what strengths & weaknesses they noticed. In addition, the personal meetings with you, Professor Robinson, were helpful because I could get a deeper understanding of the feedback you had on my work. Lastly, it is nice to have comments on my project submissions, but hearing critiques, suggestions and a lot more through zoom felt more beneficial throughout the semester.

   Moving on, I think this has to do more with the students, not the course itself, but I think lectures would be more interactive and lively if more students participated in class. I enjoyed getting to voice my opinions and answer questions throughout class, but I felt bad when no one else wanted to participate as much. Your powerpoints were interactive and I enjoyed them-- I hope future students interact a bit more!

   I liked project #3 the most because I was able to create three sources that piqued my interest. As a filmmaker, editor and movie lover– creating a website, social media post and YouTube video had me invested in the project the entire time. Usually with projects that require a lot of planning and time, I would have gotten annoyed with writing and revising an essay, but with project #3, a lot of writing was not required so I got to spend time creating what I liked. Also, the rigor of project #1 definitely helped set the tone for the rest of the semester as a lot of the research found here was beneficial for the rest of the projects. Though it took a lot more research and time to get this project done, it helped out in the end.

Overall, I really enjoyed this course because I was able to explore a topic I was actually interested in, versus other courses that assign specific topics. With that unique aspect of the class, I was able to stay engaged in the course! Thanks for a great semester :)

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