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College of Motion Picture Arts (Production) Creative Portfolio

Britnee Blake

Thank you very much for the opportunity to

share my art and creative processes! I can't wait to hear back!


Click below to view a compilation of

music videos and short films I've created


'Smiley (Proof of Concept)' storyboard

'One Upon A Crime: Hansel and Ghetto' Storyboard

Renderings for the first few scenes of the short film. The last two photos correlate with the excerpt in my reel!


Honey Dood Archives (with Justin Cruz and Jayda Onyse)

Tradition Archives (with Alex Webber and TENDAI)

Gold [Our Skin] (with Junisha Gurganious)

Garden (with Brianna Blake)

I AM Woman (with Brianna Blake)

Creative Writing Sample

Writing Sample based on prompt 

'Smiley' (Proof of concept)

Script excerpt

Based on the prompt "When burglars break into her home, a young girl tries to sneak out of the house without being seen"

Personal Statement


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