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Britnee Blake


Encased Creativity

A photoset by that depicts the downsides of being an artist. There is always pressure to push out content or stick to a certain style. These pressures make being a creative feel like an encasement at times, hence the all white room that emulates an insane asylum; the colorful squares are "creativity".

Solange Homage

A photoset that celebrates the visual storytelling style of the singer, Solange. Her album's film, "When I Get Home", showed a new sight for the media. Black artists and dancers living and interacting care free. Her style inspired the photoset. I decorated the hat and used the extra chains as jewlery!

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Broken Discs

Broken discs had heavy inspiration from the song White Ferarri by Frank Ocean. The lines "Clearly this isn't all that there is, can't take what is given" and "Maybe we're taller in another dimension" took form as I created a new "dimension". In this new place, discs come from the sky and clouds form on the floor; the opposite of what we're used to.


A photoset that displays fashion designs by Kenneysha Allenyne. This project allowed me to experiment shooting with color smoke bombs! It gave me the chance to practice my timing because it was  challenge to control where the colors went so I needed to shoot at the perfect time. In addition I had to practice honing in on the details of clothes/ my subjects to really show off the designs.

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(3 Images)

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