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It’s hard to explain what happens during one of my creative blocks. All I can say for sure is that during these periods of my life a lot of self-reflection takes place. Whether it's conversations with friends, family or even strangers all the way to meditating and reading. It also just depends on where an artist is in their life. Sometimes you can push through (this is rare though), but most of the time patience is involved. You can’t rush it. Most people see creative block as a terrible thing but I don’t. Yes, it’s very annoying but there are so many things you can do besides what’s normal for you in terms of creation. Pick up something new actually go out of your fucking bubble and get uncomfortable. There are so many people that just stay complacent, and I’m telling you as a person and artist who pushes himself this way, this is one of the best possible things you can do. Listen to the surrounding stories from your family and friends(don’t just wait to add your two cents). Watch the world around you and discover what you ACTUALLY like. Simply just be. Don’t worry about when your next "great idea: is gonna come, because it will eventually. Just enjoy being alive to the best of your ability. You aren’t in competition with anyone else in this world besides yourself. Take your time, find your pace, get up early to watch a sunrise and find your peace. Everything you need will come rushing back to you right when you need it.


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