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| Digital Artist & Photographer |

I remember facing art block while doing a big school project. Nothing seemed to click, and as much as I tried to picture some of the simplest compositions it didn't feel right. My workspace was just full of scribbles and crumbled papers along with a couple of tissues from small breakdowns. Art block is like when your phone doesn't wanna connect to a Bluetooth speaker, but instead your phone is your hands and the speaker is your brain. "I've been drawing ever since the 1st grade but just NOW I decide to forget everything" was all I thought about. Being the "kid who could draw" during my earlier years carried on through my entire childhood and raised the standards for my work over time, which put me under great pressure. So being in the state of not knowing what or how to do something affected me in the worst ways. I usually take mental breaks to go find inspiration. Listening to music or watching short films help a lot :) but I do remind myself that it's a common thing, it'll eventually go away and I should take care of myself in the meantime


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