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| Fashion Designer |

I remember having to create a collection for my portfolio to get into my dream school FIT. Looking back, I was so sad and I had the hardest time putting together my designs. It was like no matter how hard I tried or the amount of time I put into it the designs wasn’t me. It looked like something thrown together it had no wow factor, it had no joy to it, no emotion. And for me emotion is everything that’s how people are impacted by your work; is through emotion. I cried once because this girl I knew from school was literally living the life I wanted to live as a new graduate from high school. She was going out exploring NYC and going to meet phenomenal fashion designers and when I saw how she was making her dream into a reality it broke me a little, I felt lost. I kept thinking what am I doing wrong? Am I really meant to be a designer?? Am I good enough?? I’m never going to make it. And every day that’s all that went through my mind during summer. Until the day I missed the deadline and turned my Portfolio a week late. A month later I received a letter of rejection. That’s when I snapped out of my creative black hole and started creating for me I stopped think of what other people wanted out of fashion and started making what I wanted. I pulled myself out of the negativity loop I had set for myself and started filling my space with positive energy. I couldn’t let others journey dictate mine and I had to stop comparing my talent towards another. I also had to just work hard at becoming a better artist stepping out of the world of fashion illustration and going into different forms of art really helped with boosting my self-esteem because I saw that I was capable of more I have the ability to learn more and take in everything the world of art has to provide. That’s when I stopped focusing on people’s lives and their journey and started making mine.


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