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| Filmmaker & Photographer |

So my creative block came in the same year I really wanted to get things done, I had so many plans and ideas but then my creative block hit. I feel like I haven't been able to get anything accomplished during this time and it honestly sucked, I felt off and I felt disappointed in myself. During the time I really tried to come up with ideas but it felt like nothing was working out and it felt like nothing I did helped. I ended up having to take a break from thinking about anything and it ended up taking a while but slowly I started to get more ideas and after a while I finally felt like I could accomplish something I got really amped up about this project and I was ready to put all of myself into it. That's when I finally got out of the creative block. What people don’t realize is just how much going through that block effects your life and how you feel about everything it can even sometimes take over people's lives and I can with honestly say I'm very happy I made it through so I can continue doing the things I love.


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