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My Creative's Shop Scholarship

Entry by Britnee Blake

My goal in life is the tell stories through still and moving pictures. I wanted to show how, at times, creativity encases creators. As social media pressures artists to constantly push out content, feelings of not creating fast enough or good enough may rise. I showed this as I reached out to other creators to hear their experience and how they cope. In my photoset, the colorful squares represented “creativity” and how it surrounds us— my model was in all white to represent an asylum’s uniform because at times I feel like I go “crazy” in my times of not creating. Overall, I reached my goal of showing my experience as a creator through photographs and incorporating the experiences of other creators.

Clicking the button above will take you to Encased Creativity's webpage, housing all photos, behind the scenes content, and artists' responses!

Clicking the button above will take you to a PDF of my acceptance/ enrollment into Florida State University

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