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Gold (our skin)

What inspired this visual

The director's cut of Solange's visual album, "When I Get Home" was a huge inspiration when it came to creating this project. I love Solange's way of visually and sonically storytelling. I like that she uses her platform to showcase black, carefree models and dancers. The birdseye views, formations similar to synchronized swimmers and color schemes really stood out to me. My favorite part was the interlude right after the song "Almeda". It's not on the official album or on any streaming platforms, so it's only shown in the film. I used this within the second part of the visual because of the vibessss :)

(19:56 - 20:55)

(Turn the sound on)

The voice over in the second half of the visual isn't the model, Junisha. It comes from the beginning of one of my favorite genius interview of Princess Nokia. Not only is she a dope artist, but she's so sure of herself in every way it's very inspiring. It's kinda sad how the comment section is full of people saying "Oh she's delusional" or other negative comments; when in actuality, they probably lack the confidence to do what she does.

(0:00 - 0:17)

(Turn the sound on)


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